Success Stories

Success Stories

Agrofield S.R.L - Paraguay

The IIC helped Agrofield, a provider of farming products and services, establish internal committees to streamline decision-making processes. The company also developed a corporate governance protocol to safeguard its continued growth and commitment from the family.

AMPO Ltda. - Costa Rica

This producer of office supplies received support during its transition from the founding generation of shareholders to the second generation. IIC and its consultants provided advice on succession planning and establishing a family protocol.

Edilar S.A. de C.V. - Mexico

With the IIC’s guidance, this Mexican provider of education materials prepared itself to professionalize its management and transition itself to the next generation of owners. IIC provided knowledge of best practices on implementing corporate governance structures and bodies, restructuring the board of directors, and establishing a family protocol.

Productos Ujarrás S.A. - Costa Rica

A family-owned company from its inception, Ujarrás was interested in keeping the business in the family. The IIC helped the producer of tropical fruit pastes, preserves, and jams develop a family protocol, a succession plan, and an exit plan for the retiring general manager.